The best coffee shops to visit in Jakarta

cafes para visitar jacarta

Coffee shops are part of life in Jakarta, something that locals and expats have in common. For those living in the city, the range of options is wide, whether to order an espresso and drink in a hurry on your way to work or to hang out with friends. After 2 years living as an expat in Jakarta and visiting many coffee shops, I have decided to share my list of favorite coffee shops to visit in the city. Sit down, grab a coffee, and read on to find the best coffee shops in Jakarta.


The Best Coffee Shops in Jakarta

Ombé Kofie

At Ombé Kofie the sense of design and space is brilliant – plants scattered all over the place, vintage bikes and furniture give a very charming look to the atmosphere. Here, from filtered coffee to lattes, it will be difficult to make a mistake. But what is unique is their cold brew (a cold extraction coffee, that is, it is filtered with cold water) which is charged with nitrogen to become richer and creamier, like a pint of Guinness beer. It is served through elegant taps (similar to a beer) that stand out on the counter and give the establishment an elegant look.

Ombé is always busy, especially on weekends. If you want to visit the café when it’s quieter, I recommend going between Monday and Thursday.

Dua Coffee

The Dua Coffee is that neighborhood coffee shop where you go and feel at home. Here you will find coffee from different parts of Indonesia and it will be manually brewed by a barista focused only on this activity. The coffee is served in a small pottery pot that makes you want to take it home.

Also, milk-based drinks, such as lattes and flat whites, come in lovely cups.

best coffee shop jakarta


Crematology Cipete

Crematology can be found in 3 locations in Jakarta, but my favorite is the one in Cipete. This is one of my go-to for a reason: it’s usually quite empty and quiet (at least on the days/times I visit), making it a great place to check e-mails and do something that requires more concentration.

And if you are looking for something to eat, Crematology also serves a few bites to have with your coffee.



The 1/15 is a great place to have a cup of coffee (or iced latte because of the hot days in Jakarta), check e-mails, and eat well. With 4 locations in the city, including the Museum of Modern Art (Macam), this minimalist-style cafe is perfect at any time of the day.

My favorite locations are Menteng, with its turquoise door, and Kemang, which has an ambiance that blends a clean look with rustic features.


Another plus of 1/15 is their breakfast dishes which are so yummy and perfect.

Tip: if you want to order a milk-based drink (like cappuccinos, lattes, and flat whites), at 1/15 you can swap whole milk for low-fat milk.



There is nothing better than a visit to Beau for a slow morning accompanied by a nice latte and a very generous breakfast. It is my choice when craving carbs and sugar because the best pastries in town are here!

Jakarta Coffee Shop



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