9 beaches to visit on your next trip to Indonesia

Praias a Indonesia Elen Pradera

Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world and offers us many beaches to visit and explore. From pink sand beaches, crystal blue waters and unforgettable sunsets, here is a list of 9 beaches to visit during your next trip to the country.


Pink Beach – Flores

One of the very few beaches in the world with pink sand is in Indonesia and is called Pink Beach. This stunning beach is located in Flores Island, within the Komodo National Park, and is part of the itineraries of most tours departing from Labuan Bajo to see the famous Komodo dragons.

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Karma Beach – Bali

Karma Beach is a stunning beach accessible by funicular with surreal views of one of the most beautiful parts of Uluwatu, in Bali. Karma Beach is the beach of the Karma Hotel but is also accessible to non-guest. Once there, you will find beach chairs and comfortable bean bags to enjoy the day. If possible, try to stay for the full day to watch the ocean tide change throughout the day.

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Tanjung Aan – Lombok

One of the most idyllic beaches of the Indonesian archipelago, Tanjung Aan is stretched in 2 kilometers full of beach swings and turquoise blue waters. There you will find warungs (food stands, in Indonesian) with beach chairs or bean bags to get comfortable and pass the day worry-free.

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Berawa Beach – Bali

Berawa is not one of the most beautiful beaches of Indonesia, instead, it can be deceiving with its darker colored sand. That being said, don?t let it fool you ? Berawa is one of the best places in Canggu, with a vibrant atmosphere and full of beach clubs to explore. The beach made this list for its most memorable of sunsets, which offer a prism of colors with vibrant tones of orange and yellow.

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Padang Padang – Bali

Padang Padang is a perfect beach for surfing and one which attracts people to spread their beach towel and just sit and pass the time. This beach needs to be a part of your itinerary to Bali.


Pantai Mawun – Lombok

Pantai Mawun is one of the best beaches of Lombok located in a perfect cove with clear sand, intensely blue water and with mountains in each side of the coast. Pantai Mawun has a relaxed atmosphere and deserves to be a part of any itinerary to Indonesia.


Bingin Beach – Bali

Bingin is a stunning beach offering fantastic views of the Indian Ocean; along with big waves, it is one of the most sought-after surfing spots in Bali. The rocky landscape gives a more natural feel and makes Bingin beach even more charming.


Tanjung Bira – Sulawesi

Completely off the beaten path, Tanjung Bira is a location for those who like the simple life, but full of snorkeling and scuba-diving. Read more about Tanjung Bira in this post.


Ujung Gelam – Java

Another less famous place within Indonesia, Ujung Gelam is located in a small archipelago off the coast of Java island called Karimunjawa. Here the infrastructure is limited, only a small food stand selling water, beer and coconuts, but the beauty of the place is stunning. In order to learn how to get here and where to stay, be sure to read the post Discover Karimunjawa, a hidden paradise on the island of Java.

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