The serenity of Tri Lanka Hotel, in Sri Lanka


Offering a sustainable luxury philosophy, the Tri Lanka hotel is located on the Koggala Lake, in southern Sri Lanka. The hotel offers its guests the opportunity to get in touch with the nature of the country, in a serene and intimate setting.

One of the highlights of Tri is the infinity pool, with natural water. With a breathtaking view of the Lake Koggala and a lonely palm tree on its edge, it is possible to spend the whole day relaxing on its deck chairs by the pool or settled in the garden.

The Water Tower, where we stayed, is in the center of the property and has 3 suites with lake views. Although it is not as big as the villas, the suites were very comfortable and well decorated with recycled wood furniture.
At the top of the Water Tower there is a deck with a panoramic view, where it was possible to soak in the untouched beauty of the lake and catch the sunset, while listening the animals welcoming the night.

Tri also offers villas by the lake, that harmonize perfectly with the place and seemed to be destined to be there.
The food is another special chapter. The hotel uses seasonal and organic ingredients. Breakfast started with a fruit salad with sorbet and granola, and it was the perfect combination to start the day. For dinner, dishes from the local cuisine with a contemporary twist ended the night.

Tri offers bike tours to the surrounding areas and a boat tour to visit the nearby Cinnamon Island. We took the boat tour, where a local farmer showed us the process to grow and produce ground cinnamon, from the extraction of the bark to the grinding.
We traveled to Sri Lanka during the Christmas holidays and chose Tri to spend either Christmas or New Year?s Eve. Unfortunatley, there was no availability for those days, and we managed to spend just a couple of days in between the dates that we wanted. For this reason, I recommend to book with advance.

My tips to enjoy the best of Tri Lanka

Reserve a villa to wake up with views of the sunrise and the Koggala Lake, book a boat trip to Cinnamon Island and do not miss the wonderful dinner each night.

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