Honeymoon in Indonesia: 9 hotels to have a dreamy getaway


Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago and its more than 17,000 islands are among the most paradisiacal in Southeast Asia. The country has a wide range of destinations offering a variety of activities, such as pristine beaches with multicolored corals, formidable temples, and volcanic mountains, making it attractive to many types of couples. If you are planning to go on a honeymoon in Indonesia, here you’ll find a list of 9 hotels to enjoy special moments for two.



Honeymoon in Indonesia – Amanjiwo

The Aman group offers charming hotels around the world, but Amanjiwo is one of the most unique hotels you’ll find. In the cultural heart of Indonesia, in the central part of Java island – the country’s main island – this luxury hotel is surrounded by volcanic scenery and rustic beauty. The hotel features stunning architecture that carefully echoes that of its main neighbor – the Borobudur temple – both in the materials used and in the shape of its pavilions, reflecting the temple stupas in the distance.


The hotel also features a 40-meter long infinity pool and rooms with views of Borobudur temple, which is so close that can be accessed on foot or by bike from the hotel (and can also be seen directly from some rooms). Important to note that of the 36 suites available, 15 of them have a private pool. In addition, because of its elevated position on a hill, Amanjiwo offers sublime views of the rice fields, the densely wooded valley, and – on a clear day – the gigantic volcanic mountains nearby.

Amanjiwo is approximately 80 minutes from Yogyakarta International Airport and promises to make any honeymoon an extraordinary experience.

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Honeymoon in Indonesia – Nihi Sumba

A destination still off the radar for many, Sumba is an island in Indonesia that deserves attention: unique culture, empty beaches, and rounded mountains are all part of the stunning scenery you will find here. When you arrive on the island, retreat to Nihi Sumba, an extraordinary hotel with pool villas combining rustic wood décor with local fabrics, and with a lot of pampering as shown in its dazzling pools, soaking tubs, and outdoor showers. The hotel’s spa is hidden away and is accessible via a short walk with views considered to be at the very least splendid.

Getting to Nihi is not actually that complicated: it is possible to fly from Bali to Tambolaka airport (the flight is approximately 50 minutes long) and then road transport to the hotel. For those in or connecting through Jakarta, there is the option of going to Tambolaka airport with a connection in Kupang. For those who want to make the honeymoon even more special, you can book the hotel’s helicopter to pick you up in Bali. Whichever transportation option you choose, at Nihi Sumba the isolation promises to be totally overwhelming.


Honeymoon in Indonesia – Ayana Bali

With one of the most unique pools in the world, the Ayana group is one of the coolest hotels in Bali, and offers 3 accommodation options at a single location – Rimba, great for families, Ayana, for those who want a bit more luxury, and Villas, which are perfect for couples who want more exclusivity.


For honeymoon lovebirds, Ayana villas are the most recommended since they all come with private pools, and here is where Bali’s most beautiful pool is. Additionally, staying in any of the Ayana Group options, honeymooners won’t have to worry about leaving, as the hotel itself is already a destination: Kubu Beach is the private and exclusive beach for guests, Rocka Bar is one of the best sunset spots on the island (guests have priority access) and the hotel’s 12 pools and 19 restaurants will delight and dazzle the days in Indonesia’s most famous destination.

Best of all, Ayana is close to Bali Airport (less than 30 minutes away).


Honeymoon in Indonesia – Kura Kura Resort

If you prefer a remote yet not-so-trendy spot, with paradisiacal beaches in the background, then Kura Kura Resort is your place. Secluded, idyllic, and with a boutique hotel structure, this hotel will not disappoint on your honeymoon. Activities include relaxation, snorkeling, scuba diving, and boating.


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Honeymoon in Indonesia – Bawah Reserve

Bawah is a private island, part of the Anambas archipelago in Indonesia, but is very close to Singapore (300 kilometers away or an 80-minute flight), making it possible to combine the two countries in one trip. The route to the Bawah Reserve is through a resort seaplane from Batam Airport, which lands in a clear water lagoon near the rooms, where you’ll quickly realize the connection between luxury and sustainability that is part of the resort’s philosophy. Speaking of accommodations, here you can find overwater bungalows and suites facing the hotel’s calm lagoon.

At Bawah Reserve, the sea is the main star, and water activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, stand up paddle, and kayaking are the main attractions to enjoy, as well as experience the cuisine in one of the 3 restaurants available. The forests, lagoons, 13 beaches, and 35 villas made of natural materials set the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable honeymoon.


Honeymoon in Indonesia – Pulocinta

It is wrong to think that overwater bungalows only exist in the Maldives. In Indonesia, honeymooners can also have their own overwater bungalow when staying at Pulocinta, a hotel on the island of Sulawesi – a secluded yet not-so-popular place that is slowly becoming more prominent for its lovely waters.

Getting to Pulocinta is not easy, but the adventure gives it an even more special taste – you need to take a flight to Gorontalo Airport, which is accessible from Jakarta or other Asian destinations with a connection in Manado; from the airport, you have to take the hotel shuttle for 2 hours, accompanied by a 25-minute boat ride. With all this distance, a stay at Pulocinta heralds a connection between couples staying there.


Honeymoon in Indonesia – Misool

One of Indonesia’s most beautiful and remote destinations, Raja Ampat has not yet been unraveled by tourists, perhaps due to the difficulty of access and hotel offer. Still! Because Misool is here to make everything even more extraordinary: the long commute to get there is offset by the beauty and exclusivity of the place, which has become a perfect destination for those who want to dive and experience the charms of Indonesian marine life.

The closest airport to Misool is Sorong, Papua, and when you get there you can take the resort speedboat which will arrive at the accommodation after 4 hours at sea. The resort offers 7, 9, and 12-night packages that are great for those who want to enjoy their days diving and enjoying Indonesia’s vast and multicolored marine life. Misool’s bungalows are charming and make a perfect scenery to your days in paradise.


Honeymoon in Indonesia – Amanwana

Another Aman hotel, Amanwana is in Moyo, a destination that lies east of Bali and Lombok and is known for its untapped nature, with its rounded mountains, colossal waterfalls, and crystal clear sea with divine corals that make snorkeling, diving, and other water activities extremely enjoyable, as well as relaxation on its pristine beaches.

Amanwana is one of Indonesia’s most exclusive hotels and you can stay in one of the 20 luxury tents that are perfectly secluded for privacy and that give the place an “Asian safari”style. By staying in them, the lovebirds can enjoy a moment in their dreamy spa, with the famous Indonesian treatments and soaking tub to end the ritual with a floral bath.


Honeymoon in Indonesia – Menjangan Dynasty

But if you don’t want to miss Bali and yet want to explore a part of the island not yet explored by the masses, head north to Menjangan. This destination is mostly known for scuba divers, as this is where Bali’s most notable corals are located.

One of the lodging options I recommend is Menjangan Dynasty, with its luxury camping concept that can be seen in its tented rooms, some of them with their own private pool. One of the hotel’s highlights is the main infinity pool overlooking the sea and greenery that make up northern Bali.


This paradise, called Menjangan, is easily accessible from other parts of Bali as it is approximately 4 hours away from Ubud and Canggu. Spending a few days here is to be sure to find a calm blue sea without lots of people.

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