7 places and experiences to relax and unwind in Jakarta

sair da rotina e relaxar em jacarta

There is no doubt: Jakarta’s frenetic pace calls for activities to slow down and send the stress away. After thinking about it, I have identified some experiences and places to relax and unwind in Jakarta.


Treat yourself to the Bimasema Spa at the Dharmawangsa Hotel

There is nothing more obvious than going to a spa to relax, and even more so when it is in a peaceful setting and surrounded by plants and trees. Located in a quiet area of Jakarta, the Hotel Dharmawangsa can be considered a true oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of a city with more than 10 million inhabitants. So, visiting the Bimasema Spa – which is part of the hotel – is something that will transport you to another place without having to leave the city. The treatment rooms are fantastic and you can find relaxation and beauty treatments, as well as make reservations for special occasions (such as weddings).


Enjoy an afternoon tea at Raffles Jakarta

Drink tea like royalty in a room with grandiose and striking details at the Raffles Jakarta. The Writer’s Bar, where afternoon tea is served, is open not only for guests, but for anyone who wants to relax and enjoy a delicious afternoon tea in a distinctive setting.


Try a pottery class

If you are looking for a way to express and stimulate creativity, making your own pottery pieces can be a very relaxing experience. Here are two places I recommend in Jakarta for those who want to get their hands dirty: Ganara Pottery and Gallery Kollekan; both offer manual and wheel (like Patrick Swayze Demi Moore in the Ghost movie) modeling classes.


Distract yourself with a painting class

Painting on a canvas, paper or any surface can be therapeutic, and a way of expressing the roller coaster of feelings and thoughts that only those who live in Jakarta can understand. For those who want to embark on this journey, I recommend two places: Ganara Art Space, which has 3 addresses across the city and offers watercolor, oil and acrylic painting classes; and Bartega Studio, which combines painting with wine, meaning you can have some wine to inspire your paintings. (Bartega events are usually in cafes or restaurants, but they also have private events.)


Practice calligraphy techniques

In addition to being a creative activity and an excellent hobby, learning and practicing calligraphy techniques can be useful when writing that birthday or Christmas card, or even to leave a message for a loved one. For workshops, see the SuperCalligraphylistic page and follow her dates around Jakarta, or check the MauBelajarApa website offers.



If you are interested not only in relaxation, but also in connecting with your inner self and embarking on a journey of self-discovery, be sure to visit the Golden Space, whose vision is ?to create a culture of oneness, with pure unconditional love and light, toward mankind and all existence on Earth, to awaken humanity towards self-discovery, spiritual growth and enlightenment ? for a better world for all of us and future generations?.

The Golden Space center offers a series of classes and events for those who want to get to know the world of meditation, including beginner?s and children?s meditation and a class free of charge (currently on Fridays).


Practice yoga

An exercise, lifestyle and philosophy: yoga is present in the routine of many people, and for this reason the offer of studios and classes in Jakarta is abundant. If you want to practice, go to Union Yoga, which has classes for beginners, seniors, classes for mothers with babies and for pregnant women.

Want more places to relax and get out of routine in Jakarta? Enjoy a staycation at Raffles Jakarta, or visit the Moja Museum – the city’s first interactive museum.

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