9 places to shop in Bali


Bali is a paradise not only for its natural beauty but also for the unique tropical pieces and crafts that it has – all at more affordable prices than in other parts of the world. To help you find a variety of shops in Indonesia’s most visited destination, here’s my selection of favorite places to shop in Bali.


Places to shop in Bali – Bungalow Living

Bungalow Living is great for buying home goods like placemats, typical Bali golden cutlery adorned with coconut or pineapple, and wooden bowls. There you will find a bit of everything and it is a great store to buy gifts, such as the famous Balinese sarongs and rattan bags that are a hit around the world.


Where to shop in Bali – Ubud Market

If Ubud is part of your Bali itinerary, you should definitely stop by the Ubud Market to buy the must-have rattan bags, sarongs, wooden items, or just take a look at the sheer amount of things that are sold here.



Where to shop in Bali – Beachgold Bali

I have been to Beachgold Bali during practically all of my visits to Bali. There you can find dresses, skirts, and light pants, all with tropical vibes that are a great choice to wear in the summer. Plus, their prints are unique and hard to find elsewhere.


Where to shop in Bali – Totem Store

This store is one of my favorites because it has cheerful colorful prints that are transformed into dresses, overalls, skirts, sarongs, bags, etc. If you’re in Uluwatu, stop by and grab a bite to eat at The Loft, one of Canggu’s restaurants that is also in Uluwatu, close to Totem Store.


Where to shop in Bali – Kim Soo

Kim Soo is a store full of several household items including bed and bath. There you’ll find the straw hats that everybody wants, as well as super cute little bags and fans to add to your Bali wardrobe. For those who don’t want to buy, go to the cafe they have which is very nice – great for husbands to spend time while their wives have a good time.


Where to shop in Bali – Bali Boat Shed

In Seminyak, Bali Boat Shed is easy to find with its vibrant front benches that are often with people taking pictures. But be sure to go to the store and check their collection – women’s and men’s clothing, sunglasses, and bikinis.



Where to shop in Bali – Salle Swim

A great place to buy a bikini, with different shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns. If you forgot your bathing suit or want to get a new one, make sure to stop by and check their latest collection.


Where to shop in Bali – Island Soul Jewelry

One of my finds for buying silver jewelry in Bali, Island Soul Jewelry is a bit hidden but is on the street of Shady Shack, one of Canggu’s best restaurants. There you will be able to buy rings, necklaces, and bracelets made of silver, some with crystals such as amethyst and citrine.



Where to shop in Bali – Threads of Life

The Indonesian archipelago has several cultures that become evident in the fabrics produced on the country’s islands. For those who don’t have time to visit all the islands, but want to appreciate the rich contribution of each place, visit Threads of Life. Here, fabrics from places such as West Timor, Sumba, Toraja, Sumbawa, and Lombok are collected in a fair-trade way. In addition, Threads of Life also offers workshops to learn about Indonesian weaving techniques.


Have you ever been to any of these stores? Do you have any to suggest? Leave your recommendation below in the comments.

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