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If you are planning on visiting a spa in Bali, be prepared to see Balinese Boreh treatment all over the place. But what is the ritual and what is it for?

Balinese Boreh was created centuries ago, and it basically started with the Balinese rice farmers – after a day of working in the rice fields, these farmers made a mix known as boreh using cinnamon, cloves, ginger, rice powder, and other spices, forming an aromatic paste to pass on the head and abdomen to stimulate blood circulation and warm tired muscles after a long workday. Boreh was used by them at night to ward off chills and colds, as well as to provide relief from muscle and joint pain and to prepare them for a new day.


Ginger is believed to increase blood circulation and relieve muscle congestion, as well as assist the body in detoxification by stimulating digestion. In addition, cloves are an excellent natural disinfectant and cinnamon naturally warms the body from the inside out, helping to increase blood circulation. With this, Balinese Boreh is suitable for those with arthritis, tired back, to improve blood circulation and anything that makes the body in need of warmth. Some say that Balinese Boreh also helps travelers by alleviating the effects of jet lag.

Today, Balinese Boreh is being used to clean pores, promote the release of toxins and provide a deep sense of relaxation, resulting in deliciously fresh, smooth, and refined skin, as well as providing greater energy, clarity, and well-being.


Where to try the Balinese Boreh in Bali

Balinese Boreh can be found in many spas, but here is a selection of some good establishments on the island:

Visit any of the spas above, request a Balinese massage accompanied by the Balinese Boreh, and finish with a flowered bath. In the end, the sensation will be fascinating.


And if you like the Balinese Boreh, be sure to try the Javanese Lulur, another Indonesian spa treatment.


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