The best hotels and places to stay in Labuan Bajo – the gateway to Komodo National Park on Flores island, Indonesia


Labuan Bajo is a small fishing town located on the island of Flores in eastern Indonesia. Because of its calm atmosphere, the destination caters to backpackers and luxury travelers and offers accommodations ranging from hostels to luxury resorts. Find in this post the best hotels in Labuan Bajo, the town to explore Komodo island.

Don’t know why you should visit Labuan Bajo? The place is the gateway for those wanting to visit Komodo National Park, see the world’s most giant lizards (the Komodo Dragons), witness the beauties of Pink Beach, and hike Padar island for stunning views.


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Where to stay in Labuan Bajo – Hotels

Ayana Komodo (rates starting at US$ 220)

In the luxury category of hotels in Labuan Bajo, we have Ayana Komodo, the hotel I chose to stay in Labuan Bajo.

Ayana is a big resort and one of the best hotels around Komodo island. It is located near the airport, about 15 minutes away, and still has that brand new hotel atmosphere as it opened its doors in 2018.

At Ayana, comfort and nature complement each other exceptionally, as the hotel is situated on Waecicu Beach, and all 205 rooms and suites offer sea views.


The hotel has 4 main restaurants. The Japanese one is called HonZEN, which is extraordinary. The Kisik Grill is a 10-table grill restaurant that is placed on the beach – great for a super romantic yet relaxing candlelit dinner. Unique Bar is the hotel rooftop bar that is one of the best places to watch the sunset. And Rinca is a multi-menu restaurant offering Asian and Western dishes.


One of the hotel’s distinctive features is the unique pier from which boats depart for their day trips, including a day trip to Komodo National Park that goes to Padar Island, Rinca Island, and Pink Beach.

They also have a tour to Kalong Island to see the giant bats of Flores island, and a half-day tour on a glass-bottom boat that allows you to admire the corals of Flores without having to get in the water.

Also, at the Ayana pier, there is another bar with sun loungers for those who want to snorkel and see the corals around the hotel, or just enjoy the day oceanfront.


Amenities at Ayana also include adult pools with a bar and a children’s pool, a gym, and a spa. Best of all, Ayana guests have access to a free private island by taking an hourly boat from the hotel and going there for snorkeling, hiking a trail to the top of the mountain, or just enjoying the day on one of the sun loungers on the beach.


Sudamala Resort, Seraya Island (rates starting at US$ 270)

For those looking for a more exclusive place in Labuan Bajo, this boutique hotel is ideal – with few accommodations, Sudamala is located on Seraya Island, in the northern part of Komodo National Park, about 45 minutes away from the airport of Labuan Bajo.

Sudamala offers a luxurious and relaxing experience as the 23 villas are located on the beach, allowing you to access the sea that is just a few steps from your room.

One of the main features of this hotel is the tropical style that blends with the place and with the island of Flores. Rooms also have an invigorating outdoor shower. Additionally, groups of 4 can stay in a 2-bedroom villa with its own private infinity pool.

Sudamala is one of the best hotels to stay at to explore Komodo National Park.

Plataran Komodo (rates starting at US$ 230)

Also located on Waecicu Beach, Plataran Komodo fits the definition of tropical paradise. It is a great staying option to enjoy your days in Labuan Bajo, with its 8 comfortable Javanese-style accommodations. The hotel also offers a swimming pool, spa, and 3 restaurants: Xanadu, an open-air restaurant and bar; Atlantis on the Rock, perfectly located for watching the sunset; and Atlantis Beach Club, which is near Pantai Pede beach.


Sylvia Hotel (rates starting at US$ 50)

Sylvia Hotel is a neighbor to Ayana Komodo and has 50 rooms, a pool, and offers boats that take trips to Komodo National Park and Rinca Island. In the hotel’s sandy strip, you can enjoy a variety of water activities, as well as eat and drink in the indoor restaurant offering Indonesian cuisine and international dishes.


Puri Sari Beach Hotel (rates starting at US$ 70)

Puri Sari is a 15-minute drive from Labuan Bajo Airport and Pelni Harbor, from which boats depart to visit Flores attractions such as Rinca Island, Pink Beach, and Padar Island. There are 21 rooms in all, all with balconies and décor filled with natural colors and wood. As it is in front of the sea, you can enjoy its 350 meters of sand strip and the waters of Flores right there or, if you prefer, use the pool that is available for guests to enjoy the favorable weather of Labuan Bajo. To top it off, Puri Sari’s restaurant serves Indonesian and Western cuisine.

Le Pirate Labuan Bajo (rates starting at US$ 40)

Le Pirate was already present in other parts of Indonesia, such as Nusa Ceningan and Gili Trawangan, and it worked so well there that they decided to open their doors in Labuan Bajo. Right in the center of everything – near Pelni harbor and a 10-minute drive from the airport – it is a place for those looking for fun, with live music and an open-air cinema. The hotel structure has 14 rooms, a swimming pool, and a restaurant.


Where to stay in Labuan Bajo – Boats

Le Pirate Explorer offers 3 and 4-night boat trips from 9.3 million IDR per cabin (approximately US$ 650), with a minimum of 2 people per cabin. This was the most affordable of the boats I saw, yet still offering a good structure, including meals, good accommodation, and a reasonable number of people. Tours go through the main points of Komodo National Park, including Padar Island, Pink Beach and the last night is spent on the private island of Le Pirate, which has various activities to do such as snorkeling, kayaking, or just relaxing on the hammocks of the island.

For multi-day boat tours, be sure to check out the ones below:

If you’re looking for more luxurious boats, consider Ayana Komodo and Alila Purnama.

Where to stay in Labuan Bajo  – Hostels

Ciao Hostel (rates starting at US$ 15)

Ciao Hostel is in a great location – a 5-minute drive from the airport and a 10-minute walk from the center of Labuan Bajo, perfect for being close to the píer from which the boats leave to visit Komodo National Park from Labuan Bajo.

It also offers full-day and 2-day tours to see the Park’s main attractions.


One Tree Hill Hostel (rates starting at US$ 10)

A little farther from the center of Labuan Bajo, One Tree Hill Hostel is perfect for those who want to explore quieter, not-so-famous parts of Labuan Bajo, so check out the place before mass tourism arrives. The view of the hostel promises to be one of the best for both sunrise and sunset, and there’s even a bar to watch them with a bottle of Bintang.



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