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How to visit Kawah Ijen, the volcanic crater with blue flames in Indonesia

Kawah Ijen is the crater of an active volcano on the island of Java, Indonesia. The place attracts local and worldwide tourists, who embark on...

Sri Lanka travel guide

  An island in the Indian Ocean with the size of West Virginia, Sri Lanka is a place of different cultures, languages, and ethnicities. There...

Visiting Tanjung Bira and one of the pristine beaches of Sulawesi, in Indonesia

An untouched place, where you can sleep with the sound of the waves and the noise of the trees in the wind. Where few steps...

First-timer’s guide to Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, prepare to be amazed by the contrast of the modern with the old, with the amount of people on the streets and...

A 48-hour mini-guide to Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is Malaysia?s capital and the country?s symbol of modernity. The city has several skyscrapers, a vast restaurant scene and active night life; it...

Pulau Macan (Tiger Island), a sweet escape from Jakarta

Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, is a metropolis with chaotic traffic and levels of pollution above the recommended, making those who live in it flee...


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