The Top Coffee Shops to Check Out in Houston


Looking for a place to grab a coffee and either relax, study, or work in Houston? Well, I’ve been calling this city my home for a while now, so after exploring lots of cool spots, here are my favorites and the best coffee shops to visit in Houston.

Best coffee shops in Houston

BlendIn Coffee Club

BlendIn is hands down one of the best coffee shops in Houston. The friendly staff and modern setting are shadowed only by the outstanding quality of the coffee. The latte art is on point and here you can also grab a quick bite with the pastry options daily available.

You’ll find BlendIn Coffee Club in two spots – one close to the Buffalo Bayou Park and another in Sugar Land – where they also offer classes such as Latte Art Workshop and Home Barista 101.

Blendin - Houston Coffee Shop

Luce Avo Coffee Shop

Luce Avo is one of my local go-to coffee shops in Houston. They have two locations (River Oaks and Heights), and both offer strong coffee and small bites such as breakfast tacos, cookies, and muffins.

If you want to visit Luce Avo, be sure to try their specialty drinks, like the charcoal-based latte and charcoal-based matcha latte.

Coffee Bar at Luce Avo - Houston Coffee Shop

Cavo Coffee

In case you are looking for a reliable option of coffee shop in Houston, try Cavo Coffee. They have two places (River Oaks and near Rice Village) and sell great quality coffee along with breakfast food and small bites (try their Nutella cookies!).

Besides, Cavo has a nice atmosphere and is also a good coffee shop to either work or study in Houston.


Tenfold is a slightly new coffee shop in Houston but is already one of my favorite places to go on weekends. Here the staff is friendly, the coffee is good, and the location has a nice design that is also aesthetically pleasing. Besides, it’s good for studying or working as well.

Plus, here you can buy sustainable products, tea, and ground coffee. So, if you want to check out Tenfold, be sure to visit this coffee shop in the Heights neighborhood.

Giant Leap

Giant Leap is a coffee shop close to the restaurants of Post Oak Boulevard, in Uptown, where you can grab your coffee and sit outdoors after eating at Flower Child, Etoile Cuisine, Uptown Sushi, The Rustic, or Songkran Thai Kitchen – the restaurants nearby.

Also, apart from the Uptown location, Giant Leap has a second location near the Downtown Houston area.

Giant Leap - Houston Coffee Shop

Siphon Coffee

Siphon is a lovely coffee shop in Montrose that serves everything – from flat whites to drip coffee. Their highlight is the siphon method of brewing which, if you want to try, make sure you have time since it takes approximately 15 minutes to be ready.

And although lots of customers at Siphon are studying, this is also an excellent alternative for a cozy place to hang out.


On the weekends, Boomtown is a good alternative to grab a coffee and walk around the Heights neighborhood to visit its cool shops and antique stores.

My favorite order at Boomtown is the iced caramel latte which is perfect for a hot summer day in Houston.


Catalina is a solid spot in Houston for your coffee fix. Yes, that’s what they offer – good coffee no matter how you take it.

This coffee shop is set in the Heights, and I always go here when I want something with no frills yet with good quality.


Agora is a local coffee shop favorite that has been around for a long time. It’s a big place with indoor and outdoor sitting in the hyped neighborhood of Montrose that you can’t miss. If you want something to eat while drinking your coffee, they offer delicious pastries (I love their vegan cinnamon roll).

Also, if you are here late in the day, you might see the atmosphere transition since here you can have wine and drinks as well.


The Heights area has some of the best coffee shops in Houston, and Throughgood is part of this team. Here you’ll find not only good coffee but also delicious donuts to have it along with.

Additionally, Throughgood has outdoor sitting with picnics tables, and you can also grab a taco on the nearby food truck and enjoy with your coffee.

The Coffee Bar at Forth and Nomad

You’ll find The Coffee Bar inside the cute Forth and Nomad store, in the Heights. Here you can buy a coffee and look around the marketplace to shop for clothes, candles, jewelry, and tableware.

You can also pop at The Coffee Bar/Forth Nomad after having brunch in either of the close-by famous restaurants – Postino and Local Foods.


A popular coffee shop, Blacksmith is located in the Montrose part of Houston. This place is liked by people in the neighborhood and others that drive from the suburbs just to grab a cup of coffee here.

Southside Espresso

Southside Espresso is a low-key coffee shop tucked away in the corner of Montrose with excellent coffee beans and a quiet setting.

A 2nd Cup

Want to sip a coffee and support a good cause? Then head to A 2nd Cup, a non-profit coffee shop in Houston that is contributing to the end of human traffic.

Retrospect Coffee Bar

Retrospect is a small coffee shop in Midtown Houston with outdoor sitting in a quiet neighborhood. Here you can also grab small bites such as crêpes, breakfast tacos, and muffins.

Grinder’s Coffee Bar

Grinder’s is located near Rice Village and is a gorgeous place with vibes that you find in coffee shops and restaurants in Bali. It’s connected to a CBD store, and one of their menu creations in the CBD latte.

And better yet, here they also have a latte printer where you can have your latte art styled the way you want (make sure to have the design you want on your phone before you go).

Amsterdam Co

Amsterdam Co is your local neighborhood European-style coffee house and CBD dispensary. Situated in the hype Heights neighborhood, here you can add a shot of CBD to your favorite coffee order.



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