Prada Marfa: Here is How You Can Visit This Texas Landmark

Prada Store Marfa Texas

Have you seen pictures of a Prada store in the middle of the West Texas desert and are curious to know how you can visit it? In this post, you will find all you need to know about Prada Marfa and how to plan a visit to this unique location.

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What is the Prada Marfa

Contrary to what some might think, the Prada Marfa isn’t actually a store. Though the shoes and bags found inside it are truly from the 2005 fall collection of the luxury brand Prada, the building is a permanent art installation created by the Berlin-based artistic team Elmgreen and Dragset.

This replica of a luxury Prada boutique was inaugurated in October 2005 as a call to attention to the consumerism of the ‘90s. The artists’ intent was for the installation to slowly melt into its surroundings until it ceased existing. However, it all changed after a few acts of vandalism, and the sculpture remains strong until today, attracting many visitors to see this one and only highway-based Prada.

Prada Marfa Store

Now if you think you can buy a Prada bag in the middle of nowhere, hold that thought! Although you can see the Prada logo and the products donated by the luxury brand from the outside, the public doesn’t have access to the interior of the structure itself nor can make a purchase at this one-of-a-kind store.

Where is Prada Marfa

You probably want to know how to get to the Prada Marfa. Despite its name, the replica store is located just outside the town of Valentine, a tiny town nearby the more famously known Marfa, in West Texas.

To get here, you’ll have to make your way on US Highway 90. If you need the GPS coordinates, just type 30.60343807276123, -104.51850294845214 into your device (or click here for directions).

Prada Marfa West Texas

Places to stay and eat near Prada Marfa


  • Hotel Saint George: located in the heart of downtown Marfa, this hotel offers comfortable accommodations with modern design and an outdoor pool to cool down during the hot summer months in Texas.
  • El Cosmico Marfa: located within a short walk distance from downtown, here you can stay in vintage trailers, yurts, and tepees.


  • The Sentinel: a cute coffee shop and store that is a perfect stop for a morning coffee and small bites
  • Para Llevar: a to-go with a small food menu made in their wood-burning oven for when you’re on the go or want to sit on their outdoor patio
  • Convenience West: for when you’re craving Texas BBQ in Marfa

Reasons to visit Prada Marfa

It’s close to Marfa – though it’s not located in Marfa, the Prada installation is less than 30 miles away from town, so you can go back and forth from Marfa pretty quickly. You can explore the restaurants, coffee shops, and stores in Marfa and take some time to visit the Prada art installation.

It’s the perfect stop if you’re on a West Texas road trip or just passing by – if you’re on a West Texas road trip and need a break from the country roads, why not add Prada Marfa as a pit stop?

Last, but not least, seeing the Prada Marfa when planning a visit to Big Bend National Park will give the best West Texas combination, and you’ll be able to explore other small, cute towns along the way.



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  1. Interesting. Prada in a very small town near a national park? I am surprised it is not vadalized or robbed more. It creates anxiety in me to do some shopping there, knowing it is in a remote place. Marfa sounds like a quaint place to visit.

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