Where to eat in Canggu, Bali – the best cafes and restaurants


A haven for surfers and digital nomads, Canggu is fast becoming known not only for its fantastic surfing waves and rice terraces but also for its gastronomic scene. This post contains a list of the best restaurants and cafes to eat in Bali’s most hipster place.

Where to eat in Canggu – The Shady Shack

One of my favorites, The Shady Shack is a restaurant that sits in a garden overlooking one of Canggu’s rice fields. Cool and popular, attracting both locals and visitors alike, it is a place where you can savor the finest vegan and vegetarian dishes found in Bali. The menu features colorful salads, nutrient-rich smoothie bowls, and very good desserts. When staying in Canggu, make sure to stop by.

Address: Jl. Tanah Barak No 57

Instagram: @theshadyshack

Best Restaurants in Canggu – Peloton Supershop

Super famous in the social media for the plant-based concept, Peloton Supershop deserves the fame it has: in addition to the vibrant atmosphere and quality service, the menu is one of the best in Canggu.

All Peloton dishes are delicious, the smoothie bowls are among the best and prettiest in Bali, and the desserts are so good they do not even look like vegans.

If you want my recommendation, try Cashewtella, the vegan “Nutella” pie; The Penny Hot Dawg, with a “sausage” made of seitan; and, for the bowls, ask for the beautiful Blue Island Bowl, that is made with blue spirulina).

Address: Jl. Pantai Berawa No 46

Instagram: @pelotonsupershop

Peloton Supershop

Where to eat in Canggu – The Loft

Another lovable alternative to vegetarian food, The Loft is a restaurant hard to miss, with its mural written ‘You’ll see it when you believe it’ – one of the places to photograph in Bali. But the restaurant draws guests not only for the mural but also for the cool vibes and the menu, which offers the well-known Bali smoothie bowls, including an açaí one. If you want to try something rather unusual, check out the Vegan Nachos which are made with jackfruit and are surprisingly good.

Address: Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong No 50A

Instagram: @theloftbali

smoothie bowl in Bali

Best Restaurants in Canggu – Nude

Nude is a restaurant in Canggu that appeals to different tastes, as it offers varied options, from light salads and vegetarian dishes to more robust meals, such as burgers and pasta.

They recognize that some days you want to be fit, but other days you can (and should) eat whatever you want. A great place for groups in Canggu, Nude is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Address: Jl. Pantai Berawa No 33

Instagram: @nudeincanggu

Best Restaurants in Canggu – Cafe Organic

Cafe Organic first opened its doors in Seminyak, and it worked so well that a second store was opened in Canggu. In a clear, tropical-decorated setting, you’ll be thoroughly pampered with a menu full of organic vegan and vegetarian meals, ranging from western dishes to Asian-inspired foods – one dish that surprised me positively was the Buffalo Cauli Wings.

Café Organic is one of the best Canggu cafes. Here, you can also just sit outside to sip a coffee while watching life going by in Bali.

Address: Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong No 58

Instagram: @cafeorganicbali

Parachute Bali


Cafe Organic Bali

Best Restaurants in Canggu – Parachute

One of the best restaurants in Canguu, Parachute is a place to relax and enjoy a more refined food, that can be served directly by the chef himself. The restaurant is a charming and sophisticated place in Canggu, but still in line with the sustainable and organic concept that prevails in the region and in Bali as a whole. In addition, both the restaurant and the vegetable garden are located under a parachute that is almost 20 meters high – hence the name Parachute.

Address: Jl. Subak Sari 13 No 8-4

Instagram: @parachutebali

Where to eat in Canggu – Nalu Bowls 

One of Bali’s originals (started in 2014 in Seminyak), Nalu Bowls was one of the first to sell the smoothie bowls you must have seen on social media. After it, many others have emerged, but if you want to visit the pioneer, be sure to visit one of the units, being Canggu one of them.

Address: Jl. Batu Mejan No 88

Instagram: @nalubowls


Best Cafés in Canggu – Ruko Café

A small place that is almost always full, Ruko Cafe is one of the best places for breakfast in Berawa, Canggu. So, come early! But if you can’t, they’re also open for lunch.

Address: Jl. Pantai Berawa No 99

Instagram: @rukocafe

canggu cafe

Where to eat in Canggu – Milk & Madu

A place that attracts surfers, many families, and groups of friends, Milk & Madu is located in Berawa, a part of Canggu which is super trendy. The restaurant is well known for its pizzas and is a great hangout place to satisfy your hunger in Bali.

Address: Jl. Pantai Berawa No 52

Instagram: @milkandmadu


Where to eat in Canggu – The Slow

Situated in the boutique hotel of the same name, The Slow is a great place to embark on a gastronomic experience in Canggu and is also a good choice for anyone who wants to try some good drinks in Bali.

Address: Pantai Batu Bolong Street No 97

Instagram: @the.slow

Best Restaurants in Canggu – Ulekan

For anyone who wants to explore Indonesian cuisine, the Ulekan is the best place in Canggu. Try the typical dishes made with the rich spices of the archipelago and, if it is on the right day, you can even have your meal accompanied by a Balinese dance performance.

Address: Jl. Tegal Sari Jl. Pantai Berawa No 34

Instagram: @ulekanbali

Where to eat in Canggu – The Greenhouse

If you are looking for a place to relax between the rice fields in Canggu, then The Greenhouse is definitely the place for you.

A modern cafe in Canggu with a peaceful view and a swimming pool surrounded by blue armchairs that make the ambiance super charming. You can order juices, coffee, pizzas, and sandwiches.

Address: Jl. Pantai Berawa No 9091

Instagram: @thegreenhousecafebali


Best Cafés in Canggu – Crate Café

Perfect if you have to wake up early for surfing, the Crate Café opens at 6 am and offers western breakfast options as well as lunch and smoothies.

Address: Pantai Batu Bolong Street No 64

Instagram: @cratecafe

Best Cafés in Canggu – Alter Ego Coffee

A lovely café in Canggu with great coffee, a breakfast menu, small bites, and smoothie bowls.

Address: Jl. Batu Mejan

Instagram: @alteregocanggu


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